Variability of Varicose Vein Symptoms

Some people appear to have minimal symptoms because their busy life style does not give them the time to recognize this condition and after a while they accept these symptoms as part of growing old. Some simply have higher pain tolerances but may note that at the end of the day, or after a long airplane trip, their feet are swollen and it just feels better to elevate their legs when they get home. Any activity or occupations associated with prolonged periods of standing aggravates the hereditary condition causing abnormal vein wall expansion and valve leaflet weakness leading to varicose vein progression. This risk is further aggravated if their condition is associated with increased venous pressure from heavy lifting, pregnancy, excess weight gain or simply being tall. Finally their venous insufficiency causes deterioration in the local nerve supply which accounts for the fact that venous skin ulcers are often painless (terminal disease process CEAP 5 - CEAP 6). The size of the incompetent veins, their location, and factors such as the menstrual cycle, constitutional differences in stress levels also accounts for the variability of symptoms.