Dornier 940 nm (D940) Laser endovenous ablation

Laser technology has been FDA approved since 2002 and has excellent long term data to document its success rate. The Dornier Medilas 940 nm (D940) uses a unique patented wavelength energy source (940nm) which is maximally absorbed by the hemoglobin pigment in the red blood cell which is the target for the laser beam. The absorbed energy is transferred to the vein wall, causing it to shrink and close. The treated vein is broken down by the body and absorbed over time. Local tumescent anesthesia provides pain relief during the procedure and for several hours after the procedure. The anesthetic solution surrounding the vein also serves to insulate the other tissues from the heat effect of the laser. The D940 has the ability to adjust its power output (joules) and time delivery cycle in order to handle the largest as well as the smallest of veins. The D940 also offers unique safety features.   Its LPS (Light guide Protection System) immediately powers off the laser if excessive carbonization occurs at the applicator tip.  This ensures that the applicator tip is not destroyed by overheating inside the body and reduces the risk of tissue damage

Your recovery time will depend upon how large and how many veins are treated in one session. We will design your treatment so that you will only need NSAIDS like Mobic or Motrin and not have to be worry about constipation and mental fogging associated with narcotics and barbiturates. Our technique leaves you completely alert after your procedure; you can eat right away, use a treadmill and resume a light graduated exercise program. We have found from our years of experience that discomfort and bruising are more likely related to faulty technique in tumescent anesthesia application, Vitamin K2 deficiency and insufficient post op graduated elastic compression. In our hands, the successful closure rate is > 98 %. We have mastered this art, and our patients universally recommend us to their family and friends.