Cardiovascular Wellness

cardiovascular wellness

The AHA (American Heart Association) recently estimated that the annual rate of new heart attacks in United States is 785,000, another 470,000 will have a recurrent heart attack and another 195,000 will have a silent heart attack. The figures for stroke (cerebrovascular accident, CVA) are not much better: 610,000 new strokes a year and 185,000 recurrent strokes each year.

These figures represent the de facto standard of practice in the United States! Sitting back and accepting the status quo is a guarantee you will age faster and be at a greater risk for silent disease progression. If we don’t look forward and start taking charge of our lives we will face a shortened meaningful life span and blindly run the risk for diabetes, retinal deterioration, kidney failure , amputation, heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

Fortunately today with the rapid advances in non invasive DNA based technology we are able to take a more proactive and scientific approach to optimize our own unique metabolism inorder to improve our healthcare. The recent improvements in non invasive laboratory testing have enabled us to start identifying the subclinical root causes responsible for our illnesses. Maladaption to our life stressors can lead to insulin resistance and alteration in our Pituitary Adrenal Thyroid Axis response systems. By identifying these alterations as early as possible we can not only prevent the progression of these problem we can actually begin reverse this disease process. There is no short answer and every intervention is based on modulating our lifestyle (diet, exercise and sleep) and adding proven effective supplements or medications to increase our concentration of the beneficial fraction of our High Density Lipids ( HDL 2b %) and decrease the inflammatory risk factors (hsCRP, Lp(a), LP-PLA2, MPO, ApoE, LDL IIIa+b, Fibrinogen, oxidized fatty acids) that precipitate intimal failure and plaque rupture.

The Metabolic Code and Bale Doneen Method are prime example of this. Plaque formation is not a normal sign of aging and can be reversed. Carotid intima media testing (CIMT) is the most sensitive, least invasive and least costly method of physically determining subclinical atherosclerosis. Advanced lipid profiles and genetic testing as employed by Berkeley Heart Lab, Spectracell Laboratories, and Genova Diagnostics Laboratory are some of the modern tools that now give us the ability to objectively identify risk factors before diseases are established. These new technologies allow us to scientifically create a treatment plan to optimize your health, measure your treatment response, and guide your therapy to meet the changes in our lives.